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SEO Strategies, Trends and Techniques for 2013

Spam detection on Twitter

Unfortunately, Twitter is the most opportunistic website for hackers who attempt to steal your personal details, and advertisers who want to promote their products for free. Despite all efforts spent by Twitter engineers to fight against methods used by spammers, the social network still suffers from this problem. This presentation describes 10 techniques that could be implemented to significantly reduce spam without affecting the current features and without compromising the freedom of expression of its users.

Guide to quickly sizing/costing a project up front

Advantages and disadvantages of PHP and RoR

This language (PHP) and framework (Ruby On Rails) are radically opposed. Why choose one over the other? This article helps project developers to make strategic decisions while choosing technology.

Strategies on social media for bands

Security issues with online banking

Website optimization with A/B testing

A/B testing is a method that allows webmarketers to optimize a page by comparing the results obtained by two different pages. This presentation discusses the implementation methods and provides advice on how to ensure reliable results.

Designing websites for SEO

The importance of negative and positive feedback

10 techniques to detect fraudulent ads

Restrict the amount of personal data left on the Internet

Internal communication for SMEs

Remove content published after identity theft

Disaster preparedness and data recovery

Data loss can affect anyone: a damaged USB drive, a virus that erases a hard drive, phone theft or mishandling. Because these situations are likely to happen to anyone, it is necessary to be prepared. This presentation describes best practices for data backup and simple examples which explain how to perform them.

Plagiarism detector and duplicity checker

Plagiarism detection tools are heavily used by universities to help students to correctly reference their papers. However, these tools are not 100% reliable and require the implementation of additional features. This presentation describes the various techniques currently used by these tools, their shortcomings and propose five methods to improve their performance.

Monitor your children’s Internet use

Make battery life last longer

Password management for normal people

To register on a website, a username and password are usually required. When the password is not imposed by the site itself, it is not uncommon for a user to use a password that is used for other services. This presentation describes different available methods for generating strong passwords that are easy to memorize. Alternative techniques are also discussed in order to manage a high number of passwords on multiple platforms.

Reduce time spent on email management

Email is a wonderful tool that can easily be counterproductive if improperly used. After a review of best practices, this presentation explains several alternative techniques to significantly reduce the time spent on email management.